Important information you should know about Penile Girth Enhancement in Dallas, Texas

Making sense of the many methods out there.

Penile Girth Enhancement (or Penile Girth Enlargement) encompasses a wide variety of treatments that providers claim can increase the size of the penis.

Largely sought out for cosmetic and self-confidence purposes, these techniques and devices can vary greatly in their safety, efficacy, cost, and the way they are administered.

They include, among other procedures, penis vacuum pumps, penile traction devices, manual stretching exercises or “jelqing,” penoscrotal rings, clamps, tubes, hormone therapies, injections, surgeries, and drugs.

That’s a lot of options to consider, but the Big D Girth™ breakthrough at Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness is making your decision a whole lot easier.

The Big D Girth™ difference.

While some of these other methods may produce a temporary increase in width, there is no scientific evidence they make a lasting improvement in penis size. And many are not regulated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Big D Girth™, on the other hand, leaves you with more bulge and increased shaft thickness, whether normal or erect. It’s proven to last up to a year and a half—longer with touchups—and only uses fillers that are approved by the FDA.

Be alert to the risks some procedures pose.

The more aggressive attempts at penile girth enhancement include various forms of surgery, subcutaneous silicone penile implants, fat and silicone injections, and other more invasive procedures.

Aside from being costly and painful, some of these treatments may result in harmful complications and side effects, such as perpetual edema, painful erections, penis shortening, blocked blood vessels, nerve damage, and scarring.

With Big D Girth™, a minimally invasive procedure that takes less than an hour, none of these unwanted results and aftereffects are a concern.

Big D Girth delivers the natural look you seek.

Big D Girth™ uses the same FDA-approved fillers that have been used successfully in cosmetic facial treatments for years.

The application adds a uniform natural thickness to the penis, whether flaccid or erect. Moreover, the fillers are safer, nonpermanent and can be removed if desired.

Beware of other facilities that try to mimic our proprietary treatment but use non-FDA-approved fillers that can be harmful or irreversible.

What you can expect during the procedure.

Unlike other treatments that administer painful and risky multiple injections below the surface of the penis that can damage nerves and block blood vessels, Big D Girth™ is faster, simpler and more comfortable.

During the procedure, a blunt cannula tip is superficially and safely inserted in just two places, offering ample protection to vessels and nerves.

A local anesthetic is offered to minimize any discomfort. The increase in penis size is instantaneous, with full results in one to two weeks. Patients can return to work the next day and resume sexual activity in 7 to 10 days.

Big D Girth™ is becoming so popular, men are traveling to Dallas from as far away as 2,000 miles to receive this breakthrough penile girth enlargement!

Questions that are important to ask:

Does the size of my penis really matter?

As we say, size matters if it matters to you. And you’re not alone. A University of Kentucky study found that 45% of 14,000 men surveyed desired a larger penis.

In another study of 200 men cited in Psychology Today, over 68% of respondents had concerns about the size of their penis.

What are the psychological effects of Big D Girth?

To many men, a larger penis size is a symbol of masculinity, power and virility.

The feedback we’ve been getting from those who’ve received the treatment has been overwhelmingly positive and uplifting.

Recipients report greater confidence and satisfaction in their appearance when with their partner or in a locker room. Or in the added bulge when dressed.

This boost in self-esteem has also affected other areas of their lives, giving them more confidence in their work, athletic endeavors and social interactions.

Can it achieve a better fit with my partner?

Yes, Big D Girth™ can be effective in helping couples overcome a condition known as Genital Mismatch, where fit during intercourse is less than satisfactory. The increased girth and thickness the treatment delivers can provide a snugger fit during intercourse, enhancing the pleasure of both partners.

What about cost?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how affordable Big D Girth™ is, especially in comparison to less safe and more complicated procedures like surgeries or injection regimens that require several visits.

Remember, our groundbreaking procedure Penile Girth Enlargement is performed in a single visit and takes less than an hour.

When you consider the proven, long-lasting effectiveness of the treatment, its overall safety and one-visit convenience, Big D Girth™ is an extraordinary value. We believe it’s far superior to any penile girth enhancement method out there.

Is Big D Girth exclusive to your clinic?

Yes, our Big D Girth™ procedure was developed and perfected at Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness, a highly respected and trusted clinic, and a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Our experience, facilities and commitment to providing a full-range of advanced and compassionate life-enhancing services are second to none.

How can I learn more about Big D Girth?

Please call us at 214-380-2829 or complete the form below for a free consultation or to set up an appointment. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Why continue to be concerned about the size of your penis, when now there’s an easy, safe, affordable, and effective way to address it?

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