Here’s how Big D Girth® penis enlargement works and why it’s so effective:

Your Big D Girth® experience begins with an initial free consultation in which the treatment is fully explained, and all of your questions answered.

Minimally invasive and less than an hour

The procedure takes place in our state-of-the-art Dallas Anti-Aging & Wellness facility—a pristine environment with stringent measures taken to provide maximum protection against coronavirus.

Dr. Edwin Escobar M.D.— a member of the Texas Medical Association and the Academy of Anti-Aging, who has practiced internal medicine for 25 years and is specially trained in aesthetic procedures — will administer your treatment.

After you’re given a local anesthetic, Dr. Escobar will insert a tiny cannula tube under the skin of the penis.

What a difference a day makes

This breakthrough method, which takes less than an hour, results in a smooth, uniform, natural-looking appearance that immediately increases penis size, with full enlargement achieved in 1-2 weeks.

You can usually go back to work the next day and resume sexual activity in 7-10 days. There are no lingering side effects, the enlargement lasts up to 1-1/2 years, and can be touched up to maintain size.

Beware of potentially harmful procedures

Our proprietary Big D Girth® method is more advanced, safer and more effective than many other penis enhancement procedures.

Some are risky, requiring injecting the penis with a needle numerous times, causing discomfort and subjecting the organ to possible blocked blood vessels and nerve damage.

With Big D Girth®, the blunter cannula tip is safely inserted superficially in just two places, offering ample protection to vessels and nerves.

As well, our nonpermanent fillers are safer in the long run, and the procedure is reversible.

Big D Girth® benefits are so desirable, some patients are traveling 2,000 miles to Dallas, Texas to receive the treatment!

BIg D Girth

Penis enlargement has now entered the realm of easy, fast, safe, effective, and affordable.

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